Oklahoma Land Plats, LLC

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Basic Pricing Information:


$20/ each order reviewed [with no 9-section spacing plat to exceed *$375 total cost]


Additional Information:

  • If an order is filed against multiple sections in the contiguous unit, that order only constitutes 1 order reviewed.
  • If an earlier order is subsequently deleted or vacated, that order still constitutes 1 order reviewed.
  • If there are no orders filed against any section in the contiguous unit, there is a $20 service fee for preparation of the "empty" plat.
  • By agreement, we use Pangaea, Inc. to review Orders.
  • Two business-day turnaround.
  • No 9-section spacing plat will exceed *$375; orders that would exceed the $375 maximum will be reviewed and included for free.
  • There are no subscriptions or membership fees.
*The maximum charge of $375 is based on a 9-section spacing plat.  The maximum charge for any plats including more than 9 sections will be increased in proportion to the additional sections [i.e., a 12-section spacing plat will not exceed $500].